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Seminar Deep Ocean Warming Assessed from Satellite Observations, Upper-Ocean Measurements, and a Non-Boussinesq OGCM Abstract: Observational surveys have shown significant oceanic bottom-water warming, but they are too spatially and temporally sporadic to quantify the deep ocean contribution to the present … Continue reading

Seminar Interannual modulation of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) on the low-latitude western North Pacific Speaker : Prof. Chau-Ron WU, Research Chair Professor and Director, Institute of Marine Environmental Science and Technology, Department of Earth Science, National Taiwan Normal University … Continue reading

Seminar Study of Seasonal Variability and Heat Budget of the East Australian Current Using Two Eddy-resolving Ocean Circulation Models Speaker : Prof. Xiao Hua Wang, University of New South Wales, Australia Date : 13 June 2013, Thursday Time : 2:00 … Continue reading