CMOMS is the three dimensional multi-spatiotemporal-scale coupled physical-biogeochemical modeling system of the China Sea that developed by ODMP, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

CMOMS has been rigorously validated with available evidences from observations, previous studies in literature and theoretical justifications  (Gan et al., 2016JGR, 2016 JPO, Liu and Gan, 2017JGR). In particular, the model has successfully simulated the coherent transports cross the straits and slope around the China Seas based on the detailed implementations of regional dynamics. As a result, CMOMS is able to generate a unique three-layer circulation in the South China Sea. This layered circulation is validated (Gan et al. 2106JPO), but is not obvious in global models (e.g. OFES, HYCOM, CMEMS etc.). Similar layered circulation is also identified in the East China Sea, Yellow Sea and Bahai by the CMOMS.

We are grateful to the support of The National Supercomputing Center of Tianjin (Tianhe-I) and Guangzhou (Tianhe-II).